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Privacy and security are top priorities for many internet users. Unfortunately, it seems it’s increasingly difficult to find a messaging app that doesn’t leak your information. User data is a desired commodity in this modern world of tech. And yet many platforms share your sensitive information with other parties for profit.

Although exploiting your personal conversations is common with many popular messaging apps, there are still a handful of apps prioritizing the privacy of their users. Signal seems to be the perfect alternative to traditional messaging apps. So here’s why you should switch to Signal for your messaging needs…

1. Signal Is 100% Free of Charge

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For starters, Signal is completely free to use. It doesn’t cost a dime to download the app, and there are no subscription fees.

Many apps that highlight their extra security measures make users pay something to try their services. These fees deter individuals from ditching the free, popular social messaging apps that are notorious for their privacy issues. Signal is a risk-free investment for someone considering switching platforms but who is still on the fence about it.

2. The Transparency of Open Source

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You don’t have to be a coder to appreciate an application that remains open-source. Being “open source” means that the creators released the complete code to the app to the general public.

Anyone can freely access the code and read through the entire blueprint for the software. Signal is as transparent as it gets with no hidden functions or surprise data leaks.

3. Signal Offers Total Encryption

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Whether or not you read through the code yourself, you can rest assured knowing that Signal takes special measures to keep your data private. At the most basic level, it encrypts all of your information and interactions. What this means is that your data is translated so that it’s not kept in its raw form and immediately readable.

This way, a hacker can’t do anything if they get their hands on the information. This step is standard in cybersecurity and a feature of nearly everything you do online. But Signal goes the extra mile when it comes to cybersecurity.

4. Secure Your Phone Number With Signal

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Signal uses “Registration Lock,” a feature that helps protect your new phone.

Like other popular messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Signal can use your phone number for text verification. Faking phone numbers or using special apps to bypass these measures is disturbingly easy. Some individuals may find that their numbers were used in accounts already.

Signal’s Registration Lock requires an additional security step to confirm phone numbers. Users set up a PIN code that they must present when trying to use their phone number for an account (or log into an existing account). These PINs are highly customizable in terms of length and character use.

5. Signal Offers Biometric Security Options

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In case passwords and codes aren’t enough for you, Signal allows you to use biometric security options. It can utilize your device’s already existing biometric settings such as fingerprint recognition or FaceID. You can enable or disable Screen Lock depending on how you need it.

6. Local Storage As a Security Measure

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If you do switch your phone, you must keep in mind that you will lose the files and messages exchanged via Signal. It might seem annoying to lose this data, but this is an additional security measure. When you are connected to the cloud, all your files are drifting around on some external server, and therefore potentially available to hackers.

When files are stored locally, they are easier to manage and delete. It is kind of like keeping only one copy of some important document. It might be a hassle to replace if you need it, but it is perfect for privacy purposes. If you want to be extra secure, you can set up your messages to disappear automatically after a conversation ends.

7. Protect Your IP Address With Signal

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Security measures stick with you long after the setup. In addition to text messaging, Signal offers encrypted group video calls and audio calls as well. Just like its encrypted messaging system, there are features in play to keep all of your interactions safe.

Relay calls are a popular reason people switch to Signal. Users may perform relay calls to keep their conversations confidential. These protect your IP address from the other contacted party (and other potential parties).

8. Signal’s Privacy Screen Feature

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Signal also has additional settings to keep your conversations secure from others using your phone or anyone looking over your shoulder.

You know how you can minimize the apps on your device and scroll through a preview of available, open software? Signal’s Privacy Screen blocks previews of Signal from displaying messages in this mode. It’s a great way of preventing a flash of private information from showing when you are trying to exit out of apps.

9. Signal’s Read Receipts Options

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If you’re more worried about the people on the receiving end knowing if you read their messages, Signal has you covered. You can choose to turn your read receipts on or off. You can toggle depending on your mood or workload. It’s perfect for preventing misunderstandings so that you can get back to conversations at your leisure without added pressures.

10. Signal Is Growing in Popularity

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One of the biggest obstacles of messaging apps is that you can only communicate with people that are also using the app. This restriction is necessary to deal with compatibility and policy problems between differing platforms.

This necessary evil is also the reason why it’s challenging for new messaging apps to complete with popular, established platforms. Luckily, Signal already has millions of users around the world, and it’s free for you and your loved ones to try.

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Why Should I Switch to Signal?

Signal offers so many exciting security features. It really is the perfect substitute to other popular platforms that passively store (or actively share) your information. Many predict the app will continue to climb in popularity as the need for confidentiality and security rises.

And with Signal gaining in popularity, you likely already know someone using it. Making it a good alternative to the messaging app you’ve stopped trusting but use anyway out of habit.

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