A Newbie’s Guide to Uber’s Different Ride Types and Options


Uber is one of the world’s largest ride-hailing apps, but it wasn’t always this way. When it first started, the company only offered a single type of ride. As it has grown, so, too, has the Uber offering.

Now, when you open the app, you’re presented with several different ride options. So, let’s look at the different Uber rides available for the next time you open the app.

Note: Uber operates in cities around the world, and not all rides are available in each destination. To see the Uber options available in your area, open the app, and enter a destination.

Economy Rides

UberX service information

Uber’s standard offering is usually more affordable than other local services. Although, there are no fixed prices for Uber rides, so your fare will vary. That said, Uber offers a range of economy rides, so you should find something to suit your budget here.


UberX is the company’s most common Uber ride option. It is available in most destinations globally and is what many people picture when they consider calling an Uber. The service most closely resembles a standard taxi; you call the ride, and the driver will take you and your party of up to three others to your chosen destination. If each passenger has a different port of call, you can add multiple stops to your Uber ride

You Can Now Add Multiple Stops to Your Uber

Uber now lets riders add multiple stops to a single ride. While making multiple stops was previously possible, doing so meant informally arranging detours with your driver. Now, it’s all done through the app.
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, too.


While the UberX service can only accommodate four people, UberXL allows you to transport up to six passengers. To fit the additional riders, the car is slightly larger—usually an SUV or people carrier—and will also cost marginally more, too. However, if splitting the fare between passengers, it often works out to a similar per-rider cost.

Uber Select

If you’re after a little more comfort from your Uber ride, then Uber Select may be the right choice for you. The service, also known as Uber Plus in some locations, offers cars that are a step up from UberX options. With this ride, expect to be picked up in an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or similar class of vehicle, with support for up to four riders. Select is more expensive than UberX, but still more affordable than the company’s premium offerings.

Uber Pool

Uber Pool is the among the most affordable type of Uber ride. It combines the ease and door-to-door service of UberX, but you share the car with up to three other riders. Uber Pool sits somewhere between a taxi and a bus, giving you a direct route to your destination, but at a lower cost than a typical Uber journey.

Uber Express Pool

In select US destinations, Uber has rolled out the Express Pool service. This is similar to Uber Pool—you share the ride with up to three others—but you have to make your way to a specified pick-up point. You also won’t be transported to your destination directly, with only select drop-off points available. As such, the service is significantly cheaper than other Uber rides and makes choosing an Uber Express Pool ride just like taking a bus

Uber Express Pool Is Just Like Taking the Bus

Uber Express Pool is an extension of the existing Pool service. And while it could save you even more money, the downside is its similarity to taking the bus.
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Uber Comfort

Most states in the US require that UberX cars be no more than 10 years old. However, if you’d like to guarantee a newer vehicle with additional legroom, and don’t mind spending a little extra, then you should select Uber Comfort. This ride type can support up to four passengers.

Premium Rides

Uber Black service information

As the company has expanded, it has also bolstered its luxury options, too. If you want to take your ride in comfort, with the same sense of privacy and service of a professional chauffeur, then Uber’s premium options will suit you best.

Uber Black

Traditionally, there have been two types of ride; jumping in a taxi or hiring a chauffeur. If UberX is the app-based equivalent of a cab, then Uber Black is the company’s answer to a professional driver. If you book this service, you can expect all the comforts of having your own driver, as well as a more luxurious car. Of course, Uber Black adds an additional premium to your fare, too.

Uber Black SUV

Just as UberX can be upgraded to UberXL for additional passengers, so, too, can Uber Black. If you choose to book an Uber Black SUV, you can expect the same level of comfort and service, but with enough space to accommodate up to six riders. Both Uber Black services afford you additional options

You Can Now Ask Your Uber Driver to Stay Quiet

Uber is rolling out a new set of features for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV riders. One of which is a Quiet Mode for drivers.
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like Quiet Mode, Temperature Control, and Help With Luggage.

Additional Uber Ride Types

UberWAV service information

Many of your journeys just require a car to take you from one place to another, and Uber has many options available for those rides. However, sometimes you’ll need a little extra support or other amenities, and this is where Uber’s additional ride types come in handy.


If you use a wheelchair, you’ll know that transport options around the world are not only limited but very rarely set up to accommodate your needs. Most Uber cars are not suitable for wheelchairs or mobility scooters. So, if you need to take a ride with your wheelchair, then UberWAV is your best bet. According to Uber, all UberWAV drivers are certified by a third-party for driving and assisting those with disabilities.

Uber Car Seat

Traveling with a young one can be a stressful experience, not least because you’ll likely need to strap them into a car seat. Most Uber ride types don’t offer car seats, and their vehicles may not even support attaching one, either. If you find yourself in need of a safe ride with your child, then one of your best options is Uber Car Seat.

Uber Ski

As anyone who’s been skiing can confirm, skis are awkward to transport. Most buses and public transport at ski resorts even have specialized storage for your skis or snowboard. If you need to hail a ride, but also want to take your skis with you, Uber Ski is your best option.

Uber Pet

As the name suggests, Uber Pet is the most suitable Uber ride type for those with pets. Although you could call a standard UberX, most drivers would refuse your pet entry to their vehicle, and they aren’t obligated to allow you to ride with them. So, for a reliable, hassle-free journey with your beloved pet, select the Uber Pet option where available.

The Best Types of Uber Ride for Your Journey

Although the Uber app is a relatively straightforward affair, the company doesn’t offer much guidance to the different Uber rides available to you. Each available service is shown, but without the information to help you decide which type of Uber is right for your journey.

As there are no fixed fees for Uber rides, the cost may vary significantly depending on where you are and what time of day it is. If you’re after another option, consider whether Uber or Lyft is cheaper

Is Uber or Lyft Cheaper? Let’s Find Out!

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for your journey.

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