Anycubic Officially Announces Its New Wash&Cure Plus Machine


Anycubic is launching its new Wash&Cure Plus post-processing machine, supporting a larger curing area along with 360-degree curing coverage. The new and improved larger model will allow faster curing of larger pieces, along with model washing and some other handy upgrades.

Wash&Cure Plus Increases Cure Area

The AnyCubic Wash&Cure Plus brings a few vital improvements to its Wash&Cure line.

First up, size. The overall machine size grows to 290mm x 270mm x 479mm, a larger footprint than the previous generations. While that sounds a little bulky, the size increase is significant as it houses the equally large washing and curing area of 192mm x 120mm x 245mm.

The overall size increase allows users to work with 3D printer models up to 8.9 inches while also allowing for better model washing for those larger prints.

Another key improvement to the Wash&Cure Plus is the L-shaped UV light array featuring 20 LED beads. The 20 LED array is adjustable around 360 degrees for a fully adjustable curing experience, working in conjunction with the rotating table you find in most curing machines.

Also, the Wash&Cure Plus light wavelength is 450nm, allowing you to cure most models within the preset time selection of up to one hour.

There’s also the introduction of a new dual-color LED display making controlling and programming the Wash&Cure Plus easier to manage.

The Anycubic Wash&Cure Plus is set for presale on April 16, 2021. The first 1,000 machines will come with a tidy presale discount, retailing at $169, rising to $249 after the one-week presale.

The Wash&Cure Plus is a decent upgrade to Anycubic’s 3D model curing range. Anycubic has had a strong start to 2021, too.

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At CES 2021, the company announced several new products alongside the Wash&Cure Plus, including the Photon X and Photon Mono upgrades, plus the Mega SE 3D Printer. Indeed, Anycubic modeled the Mega SE 3D and Wash&Cure Plus together at CES 2021, pitching them as the perfect 3D printing pair.

As per the above review, we were very impressed with the Anycubic Photon S, which was easily one of the best resin 3D printers of 2019.

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James Ouyang, Vice President of R&D at Anycubic, was bullish about the company’s future, confirming that, “Anycubic will continue to invest in research and development as well as in various partnerships in the future to bring 3D printing devices and solutions to the market that are reliable, easy to implement and tailored to actual production requirements.”


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