Apple’s ‘Simple as That’ Ad Highlights Privacy On iPhone


Apple has released a new ad as a part of its ‘Privacy on iPhone’ series titled “Simple as that.” The video highlights how there is more private information stored on your phone than in your home and how your phone contains so much personal information about your life.

This makes privacy on your phone extremely important especially since it contains data like your location, messages, heart rate, etc.. The video ends by focusing on a girl using an iPhone 11 Pro and the tagline “Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

Apple further highlights the importance of privacy in the video description:

We believe your privacy should never be something you have to question. It should be simple, straightforward, and understood.

This is not the first privacy-focused ad that Apple has released. With privacy and security being the strength of iPhones, it makes sense for the company to highlight them via various marketing campaigns. Apple has had a few missteps but even then, it is easily the most privacy-focused company out there.

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