Google Tries Out Dedicated Carousel for Instagram and TikTok Videos


Google is testing out a new feature that could make it even harder to leave Google. Videos from both TikTok and Instagram may now appear in search results on the Google app.

TikTok and Instagram Videos Surface in Google Searches

Google is experimenting with a dedicated carousel for Instagram and TikTok videos on its mobile app. SEO specialist, Brian Freiesleben, first uncovered the feature, and shared a screenshot of it on Twitter.

After Freiesleben searched for the Packers football team on the Google app, he noticed a Short Videos carousel. Inside the reel, Google includes relevant clips of the team from Instagram and TikTok.

Google displays the videos as thumbnails, and also includes their titles. At the bottom of the clip, you can clearly see whether the video is from TikTok or Instagram.

Google began experimenting with short videos in Google Discover, and it seems that this is an expansion of that test. The short videos in the Discover carousel, however, were mainly pulled from Trell, Tangi, as well as YouTube. Trell is the Indian TikTok equivalent, while Tangi is Google’s own take on a short-form video platform.

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Now, Google plans on incorporating short videos from Instagram and TikTok into the carousel. And this reel will no longer be tucked away in Google Discover; it will also be integrated into your search results.

Upon clicking on a TikTok or Instagram video, you won’t be redirected to the app version of the platform (even if you have it). Instead, you’re forced to view the clip on the platform’s web version, which will only benefit Google.

Keep in mind that you won’t see this Short Video carousel with every search term. The feature is still in a very limited testing phase. But in the future, it’s very possible that we’ll see more short-form videos accompanying Google search results.

Google Doesn’t Want You to Leave

The addition of short videos in Google search results is a ploy to keep users on Google. A quick tap can lead you to a TikTok or Instagram video, and you won’t even have to download the native app.

Once you’re done watching the clip, just a single tap on the back button will bring you back to Google, which is exactly what Google wants. It’ll leave users stuck in an endless cycle of searching for a certain type of video, clicking on the relevant TikTok or Instagram link, and then returning for Google to search for more.

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