How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?


While your router’s IP address isn’t need-to-know information on most days, there will be times you need to have it on hand.


For example, you may need it for changing settings on the device via its web-based control panel. And while it’s simple enough to get this information, many people aren’t sure exactly where to start—especially when it comes to different operating systems.

Whether you’re on your PC or a mobile device, here’s how to find your router IP address on different platforms…

What Is My Router IP Address For?

While some routers use text-based URLs, many use an IP address that you can use in your browser to access the device’s admin panel. In this panel, you can change settings, install firmware updates, troubleshoot issues, and configure your preferences.

You can find out more information on how to access your router

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in our guide on the topic.

Many routers in a private network use the default IP address or If your router doesn’t use these specific default addresses, it will still most likely use one starting with 192.168.x.x.


However, the only way to know your router’s IP address for sure is to directly check it through a connected device like your computer. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck typing in all the variations of common router IP addresses until you get it right.

That might take a while.

Finding out what your router’s IP address is is pretty simple, but steps differ depending on the OS of your PC or mobile device. See our short tutorials below on how to find this IP address on various platforms…

How To Find Your Router IP Address on Windows

There are two main ways to find your router IP address on Windows—using Windows PowerShell or by visiting the Network and Sharing Center in your Control Panel.


Windows PowerShell

router ip address windows powershell

The simplest way to find your router IP address on Windows is by using Windows PowerShell.

Right click Start to find Windows PowerShell and type in ipconfig. Press Enter and various IP addresses will appear.

You will find your router’s IP address next to Default Gateway.


Control Panel

windows control panel

Another way to find your router’s IP address on Windows is to use the Control Panel.

Open your Control Panel and go to Network and Internet > View network status and devices.

This takes you to the Network and Sharing Center, which shows you the network you are connected to.


Next to Connections, you will see blue text that describes your network connection type—such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Click on this text.

network and sharing center windows

This opens a small status window with information about your connection. Next, select the Details button.

connection status windows

An additional popup will appear with more details about your connection. Next to IPv4 Default Gateway, you will see your router’s IP address.

network connection details router ip address windows

How to Find Your Router IP Address on macOS

To find your router IP address on macOS, head to your System Preferences and select Network.

system preferences macos

This opens a window with your available network connections. Select your internet connection and then the Advanced button near the bottom right corner of the window.

macos network window

In this window, select the TCP/IP tab. Here you will find your router’s IP address next to Router, under Subnet Mask.

router ip address macos

How to Find Your Router IP Address on Android

While there are Android apps that can identify your router’s IP address, it’s easier and safer to just check it yourself in your network settings.

The exact wording of menu options may differ depending on your brand of Android smartphone, but the basic process is the same.

To find your router IP address on Android, go to Settings and select the wireless/connections/network menu.

Then, select the network you are currently connected to and access additional or advanced settings. You can do this by holding down on the network name (Huawei P40 Lite) or selecting the cog icon (Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra).

wi-fi settings samsung android

In these advanced settings, switch the IP settings from DHCP or dynamic to Static. Your router IP address will then show up under Gateway.

router ip address on samsung android

You don’t have to save this new setting since you now have the information you need. Switch back to a dynamic IP address or exit without saving to avoid the disadvantages of static IP addresses

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Find Your Router IP Address on iOS

Finding your router’s IP address on iOS couldn’t be simpler. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and select your current network.

This shows you more details and settings about your Wi-Fi connection. Check the section detailing your IPv4 address and you’ll find your router’s IP address next to Router.

find router ip address ios

How to Find Your Router IP Address on Linux

The user interfaces of different flavors of Linux can vary, but it’s relatively easy to check your router’s IP address on the OS.

Just click on your network icon and select Connection Information or Network Settings in the dropdown menu. This will open up a window with details about your current network. In some desktop environments, you can simply hover the mouse over the network icon.

(please add screenshot here Christian)

You’ll find your router’s IP address next to Default Route or Default Gateway.

Check your router's IP address in Linux

There are ways to find your router IP address in Linux with terminal commands, but the exact commands differ depending on your chosen distro.

Learn More About Your Router

Now you know how to find your router IP address on a variety of platforms. But there’s a lot more you can learn about your router.

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? From reboot schedules to setting tweaks, there are a variety of simple ways you can make your router’s connection faster without replacing the entire device.

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