How to See the Exact Time Your WhatsApp Message Was Read


It’s simple to find out if your WhatsApp message was read thanks to the checkmarks alongside every message. However, did you know you can also check the time on WhatsApp messages to see when the other person saw them?

In this article, we’ll show you how to check the WhatsApp seen time for your messages.

How to View Message Seen Time on WhatsApp

To see what time your WhatsApp message was read, first, open WhatsApp on your phone. Find the message that you’re interested in, then long-press on it.

When you do this, you’ll see some new icons appear along the top bar. Tap the three-dot Menu button, then choose Info. This will display the Delivered and Read times for your message. Of course, Delivered is when your message arrived on their device, while Read indicates when the recipient actually opened it.

You can do this in both one-on-one chats and group messages. In group chats, you can see the delivered and read times for each individual. Tap their name in the list for full details. However, note that you can’t get message read times for other people’s messages.

If the person hasn’t read your message yet, you’ll see a dash under the Read field. However, you might run into a case where the WhatsApp message info says “read” but has no time. In this case, the other person has probably turned off WhatsApp read receipts. Which is one of the ways to use WhatsApp while maintaining your privacy

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Turning off read receipts prevents WhatsApp from showing when you’ve seen messages. This is why there’s no time, even though the message says “read.”

You can turn off read receipts yourself by going to Settings > Account > Privacy and disabling the Read Receipts slider. Doing this also prevents you from seeing read receipts from others. Keep in mind, however, that read receipts are always on for group chats.

View Message Read Time on WhatsApp Web

You can follow a similar process using WhatsApp Web to see what time someone read your WhatsApp message. Simply open the relevant chat and mouse over the message you’re interested in. Click the small arrow that appears in the top-right corner, then choose Message info.

WhatsApp Message Info Web

You’ll then see a similar screen showing you the Delivered and Read times for your message. Unlike the mobile app, you can only see Read times in group chats, not the Delivered times. And remember, if the message says “read” but has no timestamp, the other person probably has read receipts turned off.

WhatsApp Read Times Give You More Information

While you probably don’t care about this info all the time, knowing exactly when someone read your WhatsApp message can be useful. You might want to make sure they arrived at a destination safely, for example.

And if there’s no time displayed, make sure your own read receipts are enabled to make this work in the future.

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