The 7 Best Social Media Apps for Travelers


There’s no better way to explore a new location than with advice from people who have lived or traveled there before. Social media apps are fast becoming the best way to connect travelers with these experienced insiders.

While existing social media apps may inspire jealousy in your followers, or enable you to share experiences with friends, they aren’t designed for travelers. Thankfully, there are travel social media apps designed specifically for travelers, and these are the best.

1. Foursquare

Foursquare has been a mainstay of online travel planning for many years. The app offers an incredible number of functions, and allows you to search for nearby attractions based on the distance from your destination or current location, rating, or Foursquare’s personalized estimate of your tastes.

The app also offers you the chance to follow travelers who have similar tastes to your own, read reviews from other travelers, and add your own insights to help fellow travelers in the future.

The ability to create and save your information in a profile means that your preferences, saved locations, and information will always be available to you, whether in the planning stages or in the middle of your trip.

Download: Foursquare for iOS | Android (Free)

2. Trover

Trover is one of the best apps available when looking for travel inspiration. The home screen presents you with many different feeds of beautiful images to view, including a feed of the most popular photos, a feed of the latest images, feeds specific to different locations, and feeds based on hashtags that have been assigned by users.

This app focuses more on the travel experiences of individual users and beautiful photographs than providing in-depth reviews or traveler tips. These functions make Trover ideal for conceptualizing a vacation you hope to take, but another app may be required to turn that trip into a reality.

Download: Trover for iOS | Android (Free)

3. Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals offers quirky sightseeing and activity ideas handpicked by real locals. When you have no idea what to do or where to eat, you can browse through a ton of helpful guides for over 70 cities. Since all of the suggestions are written by locals, you can expect to find some non-touristy, hole-in-the-wall destinations.

Just keep in mind that you can’t access a full city guide or save spots unless you pay a fee for each guide. The offline version of the app is also only available if you pay. However, it may be worth it if you’re looking for smart travel planning apps

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to put a unique spin on your trip.

Download: Spotted by Locals for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Withlocals

While Spotted by Locals helps you find destinations thanks to guides written by locals, Withlocals connects you with local tour guides. You can use this social travel app to find food tours, walking tours, day trips, night tours, and even bike tours.

When you select a tour you’re interested in, you’ll see a detailed description of the tour along with an itinerary. Scroll down the page to find reviews by other users, and tap Pick Your Local to view each guides’ profile and book your tour. After all, there’s really nothing better than receiving a tour from someone who knows their way around.

Download: Withlocals for iOS | Android (Free)

5. Couchsurfing

The Couchsurfing website and app have been well-used over the past several years by budget-conscious travelers looking for a free place to stay. While the app is entirely free, you can increase your chances of finding a host by paying a fee to verify yourself.

Even if crashing on a stranger’s couch isn’t your preferred style of accommodation, the app can still be a great resource for meeting new people around the world.

Every profile on the website features information about the Couchsurfing hosts, as well as their photo. If you find a host in the area you plan on traveling to, it’s worth sending them a message to see if they’d be willing to meet during your travels.

Download: Couchsurfing for iOS | Android (Free)

6. Travello

Travello is a social media app for travelers and people interested in traveling. When you sign up, you’ll see a feed filled with posts made by people traveling around the world. If you want, you can even connect with the other travelers on the app by commenting on their photos or by messaging them to ask questions.

You can also use Travello to find groups of like-minded travelers. Head to Explore > Groups to find groups such as Solo Travelers, Backpackers Asia, Digital Nomads, Female Travelers, and more.

Once you start traveling, you can start posting your own photos and keeping track of your trips. Make sure you know these key photography tips for beginners

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before you start posting pictures of the amazing sights you see.

Download: Travello for iOS | Android (Free)

7. TravelBuddy

If you’re looking for a social media app for travel that doubles as a way to find a travel partner, TravelBuddy is for you. The home page presents you with a travel feed that will definitely inspire you to take a vacation. You can also opt to filter posts by location, which can help you find potential sightseeing spots.

To get in touch with a travel buddy, you can hit Find a Buddy on the home page. Simply enter your destination, choose a preferred gender for your buddy, and add your travel dates. TravelBuddy is also a great way to ask locals any questions about your travel destination.

Download: TravelBuddy for iOS | Android (Free)

Social Media Apps Can Improve Your Vacations

You should never be over reliant on technology while traveling. However, while you shouldn’t be glued to your phone the entire trip, these social media apps for travelers can help make your trip better.

Having a few quality social travel apps at your fingertips can improve your experience, and help you find hidden gems throughout your travels. To explore even further, check out these travel apps to help you find unique tourist spots

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