Video: iPhone 11 Pro Compared to Original iPhone


Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone, we tend to compare it to the iPhone released right before it to see what all improvements it brings to the table in just a year. We usually end up forgetting just how much iPhones have progressed in about a year. To remind us just that, YouTuber MKBHD has posted a video comparing the iPhone 11 Pro to the original iPhone. Yep, the one that launched in 2019.

As the YouTuber rightfully points out, the video is perfect for people who keep complaining that the latest iPhones only bring about incremental improvements over the previous generation iPhone and nothing else.

It is funny to see the size difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and the original iPhone when they are held side by side. The phone also has a very chunky design. The smaller display on the original iPhone does mean that one can reach all the corners of the display with their thumb without any issues. This is something that’s not possible on the iPhone 11 Pro despite the phone coming with minimal bezels surrounding its display.

While the iPhone 11 Pro comes with three different 12MP camera sensors at its rear, the original iPhone shipped with only a single 2MP shooter. It even lacked an LED flash! The original iPhone even lacked a front camera which means one could not take selfies from it.

On the battery front, the original iPhone packs a 1,400mAh battery while the iPhone 11 Pro has double the battery capacity at 3,046mAh. No wonder then that the new iPhone lasts so much longer.

The entire video makes for a great throwback to the tech of the last decade and the original iPhone which started it all.

The original iPhone was launched in June 2007 by Apple. In over 12 years, we have seen iPhones ditch the headphone jack, adopt wireless charging, switch to bigger and brighter OLED displays, offer faster connectivity and longer battery life, and more. It will be interesting to see just how much the iPhone improves over the next decade or so.

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