YouTube Introduces New Tools to Help Creators Deal With Copyright Claims


In a bid to make things easier for creators when dealing with copyright issues, YouTube has updated its Studio Dashboard so that users can now have a clearer view of which videos contain copyrighted material and have the option to quickly removing the offending sections. The videos tab shows a new column called “Restrictions,” that lets creators quickly see which uploads are affected.

Clicking through shows details like which parts of the video contain the offending media, who initiated the claim and who owns the copyrighted content, and what action can be taken to resolve the strike. If the claim is for a piece of music, the user can replace or mute the track, Engadget reported on Friday.

Through a post on its support page, YouTube said that it has added Trim option directly on the Video Copyright details page. Creators can trim out copyrighted content claimed by Content ID in the video which automatically releases the claim. However, the endpoints of the edit are pre-set to where the claimed content appears in the video. YouTube is planning to allow adjustable endpoints.

YouTube has also said that it is more transparent about the content of copyright takedown, “now surfacing the specific description of the copyrighted work provided by the claimant in the takedown notice. In cases where that info is not readily available, there’s an option to contact our copyright team for a copy of the takedown notice.”

Notably, copyright disputes between creators and music labels or third-party companies are a consistent problem on the video-sharing platform.

This update will help creators keep their videos monetised, but it doesn’t address the underlying issue, the report added. YouTube also said that the company will bring more updates next year to improve the copyright experience.

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