6 Reasons You Should Choose a Chromebook Over a Windows Laptop


Find as many smart reasons to choose Chromebooks over a Windows laptop. Go as deep as possible, covering everything from price and build quality to operating system differences, gaming, even Android compatibility, battery, etc.

Chromebooks have become a true force to be reckoned with. Now the Chromebooks vs. Windows argument has taken a new spin. In today’s world, choosing a Chromebook over a Windows laptop is the smarter decision.

Here’s why.

1. Chromebooks are More Affordable

HP Chromebook 14

A Chromebook is one of the best budget laptop options available.

Chromebook on a desk

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This is one argument where Chromebook vs. Windows has an obvious winner. Chromebook’s always come out on top because you can utilize them for a lower cost than many Windows laptops while having almost the same performance level.

Chrome OS works more efficiently, even when running on lower-end hardware. There is no Windows device available in the market today for $300 that can provide you with the same performance as a similarly priced Chromebook.

2. (Almost) No Virus Threat

When it comes to Chrome OS, there is no such thing as a virus.

You don’t need to install traditional apps on Chrome OS. The operation system uses web apps instead, which run in a browser window. If you don’t have to run installable software, your Chromebook can’t get infected by traditional viruses.

Sandboxing contributes a lot as well. Each browser, Linux app, Android app, or web app that you open will run in a unique virtual sandbox. This helps isolate it from the rest of the operating system.

Thus, if malware exists on that particular page, it won’t penetrate the entire system. The process can be easily killed by simply closing the tab.

Let’s imagine a hypothetical scenario where malware somehow punches through the sandbox. The question arises, what happens next?

Well, Chrome OS can take good care of that because of a special feature called Verified Boot. Each time you boot up your Chromebook, it automatically runs a system integrity check. And if there’s something wrong, it will fix itself immediately.

The only type of threat that may cause concern is browser extensions. Make sure to verify or double-check your Chrome extensions before getting them. This requires your thorough analysis.

With anything other than extensions, there’s no reason to worry as your Chromebook is safe and always good to go. However, while malware or traditional viruses won’t be able to harm your Chromebook, it won’t stop a phishing attack or prevent online fraud. That’s down to you.

Hackers have not targeted Chromebooks in same the way Windows is targeted. Google proudly promotes the security features of Chrome OS as a vital selling point. Chromebooks instantly check and apply actual security updates, and that includes sandboxing media and web filters.

3. Runs Faster and Boots Instantly

Try opening your Windows laptop right now. Record the time it takes before you can start using it. If the laptop was in sleep mode, it probably booted fairly quickly. But the wait probably takes much longer if it was turned off.

Chromebooks don’t take long to boot, because they can load the operating system in seconds. If it wakes from sleep mode, it boots even faster.

Chromebooks not only boot faster, but they can run fast, despite having limited hardware. It’s really difficult to bog a Chromebook down. Even an old Chromebook can run fast and exceed expectations.

4. Insane Setup Speed


Can you recall the last time you set up a Windows computer?

You had to install applications, set up your preferences, and other tweaks to get your best Windows user experience. How long did it take? Was it instant? Probably not.

When you set up your Chromebook, it automatically syncs with your own Google account. Your next log in to your new Chromebook will easily sync everything and get you rolling in just a few minutes! The keyword is ‘minutes.’ Take note of that!

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5. Runs More Apps than Any Competition

Don’t be surprised about this fact. Chrome OS wins over the competition when it comes to having more access to apps. There is no other OS out there that can top Chrome OS in this regard.

The Play Store offers Android apps, there are web apps, and the Chrome Web Store offers thousands of options. Recently, Google brought Linux apps to the fold, and you can even run Windows apps on a Chromebook using Parallels. Google is looking to further those integrations, too.

Imagine all the apps of three operating systems and it’s all possible on a Chromebook. That should be a treat! You add this up with streaming games from GeForce Now or Google Stadia, and you have a wide selection of apps, tools, and games straight from your Chromebook!

6. Chromebooks Are Versatile


If you need a laptop that does internet and office work, a Chromebook is your best option.

If you need a safer machine, choose a Chromebook. If you want a flexible system capable of juggling Android, Linux, some Windows, and the web, then the Chromebook is your best choice.

You will be grateful that you did select a Chromebook over a Windows laptop.

Why Chromebooks Rule?

Chromebooks are the newer option compared to Windows, and it offers a wider selection of apps. The security problems of Windows cause a lot of headaches, but you won’t experience that with a Chromebook.

The hardware improves year in, year out, and Chrome OS offers enhanced features as time goes by. So, if you want to compare Chromebooks vs. Windows, just make sure that you consider the six reasons mentioned above.


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