6 Ways You Can Use AI Technology to Improve Your Business


As scientists continue to perfect artificial intelligence, the technology still finds its way into everyday life to make it easier. This includes the workplace. Different tasks that would normally demand your attention can now become the responsibility of AI software.

Here are six areas where artificial intelligence can improve businesses through smart and efficient automation. In addition to explaining how the technology works in each case, we’ll also give you examples of software to check out. This is especially handy for business owners interested in AI.

1. Fast and Objective Recruitment

The recruitment process can be long and tedious, but not with AI technology at your back. There are solutions like Ideal’s talent acquisition software that can screen resumes, match the best applicants to the job, analyze information, and complete other time-consuming tasks.

Ideal Talent Acquisition Software

Artificial intelligence can objectively assess candidates in terms of skillsets, sentiments, and how good they are for the role. Pymetrics, for example, keeps biases out of the selection process and helps create teams that are diverse and productive.

Pymetrics Talent Acquisition Software

Such software can even match a rejected candidate to a more suitable role within a company. In other words, AI helps you make the most of any promising talent that comes your way.

2. Smart Training

AI technology can automate training and offer insights so you can find the best way to improve workers’s performance. Based on what the likes of what Zoomi add to the workplace, you can tell that this form of artificial intelligence is all about effective and respectful education.

Zoomi Training Software Benefits

Managers get smart tools and ideas while creating courses and materials. Employees get useful skills and information, as well as personalized learning suggestions in areas they struggle with. In the background, the software collects data and finds interesting patterns that can inspire further improvements in the training process.

Another good example is Kea, which, in addition to the features above, can seamlessly add learning opportunities to your workflow. This is what the best AI-based training solutions do: they teach in the most practical and user-friendly way possible.

Kea Training Software Benefits

3. Tailored and Dynamic Interaction

Talking with colleagues, partners, and clients is something no business can avoid. Fortunately, it’s another area that artificial intelligence can help with. What you can achieve with AI support offers higher performance and improved customer satisfaction.

A major problem for many businesses, for example, is the emailing system. A single message can take more time and focus than your workload can afford. That’s where solutions like EmailTree come in, helping you write messages quickly and tailoring them to each person.

EmailTree Communication Software Learning Ability

This AI program learns from you and can then make suggestions in terms of phrasing or relevant data to include in the email. It even works on the Tesla car dashboard, so you can manage communications on the go. Knowing the wide range of jobs AI technology can perform, this is hardly a surprise.

Another innovation perfect for busy companies are AI chatbots. Someone visiting your website can text the business directly, but you have automated responses that lead the customer to what they need instead of a real person.

These workers can focus on other tasks until their input is actually needed. ChatBot’s tools also include the ability to connect different team members to a specific case, resulting in great engagement with customers and very positive outcomes.

Chatbot Communication Software Team Interactions

4. Detailed Resource Management

AI takes teamwork to the next level when it comes to managing a business’s resources. With the support of solutions like COR, you’re able to see every detail about a project, from how people are getting on with tasks to time estimates and financial reports.

COR Resource Management Software Benefits

Automation is key here too, taking a lot of tedious work off your hands and replacing it with useful data. Intelligent resource management gives you more control over your projects and makes it easier to plan campaigns, but also to see where teams can be improved.

Since the point of AI is to simplify difficult tasks, software aimed at organizing projects like this tries to bring all that admin work to one user-friendly place. On top of that, Forecast and other popular solutions offer templates, suggestions, and insights to support you every step of the way.

Forecast Resource Management Software

5. Performance Management and Improvement

Data analysis is the main reason businesses use artificial intelligence today. It gathers information from several departments and presents its calculations in whatever form is easiest. Whether you prefer numbers or diagrams, you get to see how your business is doing and act accordingly.

[embedded content]

As NICE explains, performance management software like its own lets you see the big picture in all its good and bad detail. But the programs that matter the most are those that actually engage with the workforce, notifying employees of problems in their department and offering viable solutions.

KPISOFT is another product that ticks all these boxes and more. Its popularity alongside other performance management tools shows that more and more businesses appreciate the simple but invaluable luxury of information.

KPISOFT Performance Management Software

At the end of the day, reliable AI analytics let you steer your teams, customer relations, investments, and more away from disasters and toward success. They add foresight to your plans, not just in-depth reports.

6. Cybersecurity

The data and networks a single company can generate often attracts the wrong kind of attention. That’s why safety precautions are essential to modern businesses, especially those with an online presence. It protects workers and clients alike.

The power of AI technology for cybersecurity is quite impressive and for good reason. Firstly, solutions like Deep Instinct are built to constantly learn from you and the digital world as a whole, absorbing information about the latest and greatest threats.

Deep Instinct Cybersecurity Software

The main functions of cybersecurity, however, are to monitor your system for suspicious activity 24/7, instantly block threats, and notify the right people. Take a look at the different types of malware commonly found today and you’ll understand just how important cybersecurity is.

Like with all AI software, you also have access to reports and insights. So, in addition to Darktrace guarding every possible entrance for malware, from email and cloud networks to the Internet of Things, it frequently reports on your business’s security. This way you know exactly what kind of risks you face and can take action to prevent them.

Darktrace Cybersecurity Software

Choose AI Software Carefully

As great as artificial intelligence is for your business, it would be difficult to use every software you come across. There are brands, however, that offer solutions for a variety of jobs without overloading your system.

Do your research based on the support your workplace needs and try not to get sidetracked. What current AI technology can do is remarkable, but also nothing compared to what upcoming innovations promise.

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