Essential Facebook Etiquette: 10 Do’s and Don’ts


Facebook has more than 1 billion users. They use it to connect with friends, share life events, and/or read interesting content. It is a huge platform that has its own set of rules.

Some of these rules are official, while others are unwritten. A kind of Facebook etiquette. And in this article we list the essential Facebook do’s and don’ts you should be following.

The Facebook Etiquette Do’s

Here are the things that are considered appropriate on Facebook.

1. Do Accept Requests From People You Know

Facebook etiquette - Friend requests

It’s best not to accept friend requests from strangers but if you get a request from an old school friend or your aunt Betty, it’s considered appropriate to accept it. It’s also OK to find old classmates and colleagues and send them friend requests on Facebook

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Facebook helps you achieve this by showing you people you may know. These people generally share some mutual friends with you. Or they could be from the same city, school, or workplace as you.

2. Do Acknowledge Others’ Posts and Comments

If you have posted a selfie and people are complimenting you on your new hairstyle, it’s considered polite to reply to them. You’ll see a reply link below their comment. Click on it and start typing your reply.

Similarly, when someone on your friends list shares any good or bad news, do acknowledge it by using the appropriate Facebook reaction and adding a suitable comment.

3. Do Have a Healthy Discussion

If someone from your Facebook friends list posts something and you have an opinion on it, you can have a healthy discussion about it. However, if it turns into an argument, it’s best to leave it at that rather than ruin your friendship over it.

Even if you do have an argument with someone, don’t impulsively remove them from your friends list. You can just ignore them instead. Here’s how to politely ignore someone on Facebook

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Keep in mind that even if it’s an online discussion, you are talking to real people. It’s a good idea to keep your tone polite and respectful at all times.

4. Do Evaluate the Genuineness of Something Sharing

Facebook etiquette - Fake News
Image Credit: rawpixel/Pixabay

There are always fake news stories doing the rounds on Facebook. You might think sharing something could be beneficial to your friends, but it’s important to check its accuracy before sharing it.

Avoid spreading rumors and hoaxes

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. Content that becomes viral quickly has the potential to mislead others. Always do a quick Google search to find out if the content you’re sharing is accurate.

5. Do Ask for Permission Before You Tag Someone

If you go out with friends and then choose to post their photos on Facebook, be sure to ask permission before you tag them in them.

Don’t share unflattering photos of your friends, as they can get upset by this. The golden rule is to treat your friends as like you’d want them to treat you.

The Facebook Etiquette Don’ts

Here are some things you shouldn’t do on Facebook.

1. Don’t Send Friend Requests to Everyone

If you had a brief conversation with someone and sent them a friend request, they might not be ready to add you. Be sure to only send friend requests to people you actually know.

If you often send friend requests to people because you found someone’s comment on a page and agreed with them, they will probably turn you down. They might also mark it as spam, and if you get reported too often, you can get banned from Facebook.

2. Don’t Post Inappropriate Photos

Facebook etiquette - private chat group

Facebook has rules about the images you can post on its platform. For example, it will not accept nudity or sexually suggestive photos. Even if a photo doesn’t break Facebook’s rules, be sure to consider the people in your friends list.

If your 13-year-old niece is on Facebook, you might want to reconsider posting about crazy parties where you passed out on the floor. If you really want to share such photos with your close friends, create a private chat on Facebook and share them there.

To create a private chat, open the Facebook Messenger app, tap on the Pen icon in the top-right corner to create a new message and simply start typing the names of your close friends in the To field.

3. Don’t Overshare

Each social media platform has its own sharing etiquette. While it’s acceptable to post hundreds of posts in a day on Twitter, Facebook doesn’t work that way. People generally share interesting stories or vacation photos on their Facebook pages.

Also, make sure you don’t share too many personal details on Facebook. If you’re going through a breakup, it’s not appropriate to share all of the gory details on social media.

4. Don’t Post Something You Won’t Tell Anyone in Real Life

Bragging about something illegal will not just make you look bad, it can also land you in legal trouble. If you drink and drive, you shouldn’t be posting about it on Facebook. Not only will it reveal you to be a law breaker, someone could report you to the authorities.

Also, there are certain things you should never share on social media

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such as your private or confidential information. Even if you think it’s shared only with your friends, that data can be read by someone with malicious intent. Don’t take a chance. Facebook privacy policies keep changing and it’s always best to stay safe.

5. Don’t Bully Others

Bullying isn’t just nasty, it can also be illegal depending on the context. Don’t make offensive comments over someone’s gender, race, or sexual orientation on Facebook. It’s important to understand that a few words written by you can harm others in a big way.

Research has shown that cyberbullying can lead to self-harm and suicidal behavior in young people. It’s a serious offense that can land you in legal trouble. Be polite and respectful on Facebook.

Facebook Is Pretty Much Like Real Life

When it comes to posting on Facebook, just assume it’s like real-life. So, before you post something on Facebook, stop and think if you would say or do that in real life. While it’s good to be yourself and to reflect your personality, it shouldn’t come at the expense of others.

There are many ways to improve your Facebook experience

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and the above mentioned Facebook etiquette tips will make it all the more fun for you and your friends.

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