Facebook Introduces a New Tool to Protect Image Ownership Rights


Facebook is rolling out a tool that will help protect users’ image ownership rights. Users will soon be able to claim ownership rights on images, as well as keep tabs on their pictures across Facebook and Instagram.

Creators Get More Control of Their Content

Facebook previously let users claim music and video rights—but now, users will get to do the same with images. The platform unveiled its Rights Manager for Images in an About Facebook blog post.

The new tool allows creators to upload a CSV file of their images’ metadata to a Facebook database. Facebook bots can then use this information to track matching images across both Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Image Rights Tool

Image Credit: Facebook

If the system finds a reposted image, it’s up to the user to decide what happens to the stolen copy. The user can choose to remove the image, impose a territorial block, or simply leave the image alone.

The updated Rights Manager also allows users to pick and choose what locations their image copyright applies to. And while this tool is currently only available for select Facebook pages, Facebook plans on rolling out the update to all users in the near future.

That said, this tool gives much more power to creators. Photographers, designers, and artists will benefit the most from this update, as they can finally copyright their photos, and won’t have to worry so much about stolen content.

But for the casual meme reposter, the new image ownership policy could pose a real problem. If a meme creator decides to claim ownership rights on a hilarious meme, other Facebook and Instagram users may see their reposts get taken down.

How Will the Update Affect Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram are largely built on reposts and image sharing. When the new Rights Manager finally reaches all users, it’ll be interesting to see how the tool affects memes and viral content.


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