Google Ends Support for Explorer Edition of Glass


Google is ending support for the Glass Explorer Edition in February 2020. Before that, the company is rolling out the final update for the wearable. Google has said that the users will have to download, unzip, and install the update manually for their devices. The latest update does not affect Glass Enterprise Edition devices, Google noted.

“Glass Explorer Edition is receiving a final update that you will need to manually install. After February 25, 2020, this update removes the need and ability to use your Google account on Glass,” Google said in a statement.

According to Google’s statement, if you do not update the device, and you are currently signed in and using the device, it will continue to work, but mirror apps, like Gmail, YouTube, and Hangouts, will no longer work.

Google said the latest update removes Glass connection to backend services.

After the final update, MyGlass app, which allows users to manage device settings, will also stop functioning. However, the users will still be able to pair it directly to their phones via Bluetooth.

Google had launched the Glass Explorer edition in 2012. The company also released an upgraded version of the Glass later despite the privacy concerns that were raised around its ability to record videos, according to Engadget. Google released an Enterprise Edition of Glass in 2017.

Google had released a list of do’s and don’ts for users of the Glass while using it in public. It included a series of points to avoid invading into personal spaces of people as well as appearing amoral in a public place. Google advised users to avoid being creepy, not wear the glasses while trying extreme outdoor activities, among other things.

The device first became available for purchase for the general public in the US in April 2014 for $1500 (roughly Rs. 1 lakh). Before that, Glass Explorer edition was only being sold to a select group of developers, contest winners, and other invitees.

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