Google News App Gets Updated to Bring Bilingual Support


Google News app has received an update that brings bilingual support. The new move is aimed to help more than 60 percent of people globally who speak and consume news across two or more languages. It enables users to select two languages to receive news articles in both languages alongside one another. The update, for instance, allows you to catch the latest news in English and Hindi simultaneously directly through the Google News app. Google says that the update is available to the Google News app on Android and iOS.

To enable bilingual support, you need to go to the Settings menu from the Google News app and then find the Languages and regions of interest option. This will bring the feature to add an additional language and region pair alongside the default language and region selection.

The expanded language support is available on the updated Google News app for both Android and iOS devices. Google notes in a blog post that it is accessible across 141 countries and 41 language options globally.

google news app update bilingual support Google News

Google News app can now serve you news stories in both English and Hindi simultaneously

Gadgets 360 was able to select English and Hindi at the same time on the latest Google News app on both Android and iOS devices.

“With this update, you’ll be able to include content in two languages together within your news app, and benefit from the headlines and stories in each language to learn more about a culture or to catch up on what’s going on elsewhere,” the company writes in the blog post.

While Google has enabled bilingual support to enhance the usability of the Google News app, it will still apply your previous personalisation preferences. This means that you’ll able to receive news articles and topics that are the most relevant to you — based on Google’s algorithm.

At I/O 2018, Google announced artificial intelligence (AI) updates specifically for Google News to deliver personalised news stories to your smartphone. The company also in August last year integrated Google News into Google Assistant-enabled smartphone displays and home speakers.

Google is aiming to make Google News a strong competitor against Apple News. In July this year, the Mountain View-based company introduced the redesigned Google News tab for desktop users. The search giant at its I/O 2019 developer conference in May also announced the expansion of its one-tap access to Google News.

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