LinkedIn Events Helps You Plan IRL Meetups


LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Events. This feature is designed to help you plan and manage real-life meetups with your professional contacts. Because while the web is a great way to break the ice with new contacts, nothing compares to meeting in real life.

How to Use LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn launched Events on the Official LinkedIn Blog. Ajay Datta explains that “in-person interactions can help you create and foster deeper professional relationships.” Events is designed to “help you plan your next face-to-face professional gathering.”

To start using LinkedIn Events, click on the Community panel to the left of the newsfeed. Then, click +Create, and provide a description, a date and time, and a venue. Then invite your connections using filters such as location, industry, company, and school.

Once you have created your event, you can post updates, and track invitees and attendees. People attending your event can invite people from their networks to attend. And LinkedIn will keep everyone involved updated with “timely and relevant notifications”.

Even if you don’t want to plan your own IRL meetup, you can attend other people’s gatherings. That is if you’re invited to any. Just go to your My Network tab to see the events to which you have been invited. You can then decide which you want to attend.

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Over the past year, LinkedIn has been testing Events in selected cities around the world. And as the results have been encouraging, LinkedIn Events is now available to all LinkedIn users. You can find out more about LinkedIn Events on LinkedIn Help.

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