Microsoft’s Next-Gen Gaming Console Simply Named ‘Xbox’, Series X to Include Multiple Models: Report


Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X – its next-generation console – at The Game Awards earlier this month. But it appears that ‘Xbox Series X’ is not the actual name of the console, but the name of a whole new series that might spawn multiple models. Then what’s the name of the console revealed by Microsoft last week? Well, the console we saw (and also ridiculed for its design) might simply be called ‘Xbox’ when it hits the market. Microsoft is reportedly planning to simplify the naming convention of its consoles moving forward, and hence, the ‘Xbox’ name.

“The name we’re carrying forward to the next generation is simply Xbox. And at The Game Awards you saw that name come to life through Xbox Series X”, a Microsoft representative was quoted as saying by Business Insider. “Similar to what fans have seen with previous generations, the name ‘Xbox Series X’ allows room for additional consoles in the future,” added the Microsoft representative.

Microsoft’s on-stage presentation slide also suggests that ‘Xbox’ is the make of the console shown on the stage, and ‘Series X’ is, well, a new lineup of gaming consoles. What this means is Microsoft plans to launch multiple consoles under Series X, and the first one of them will simply be called ‘Xbox’. This is similar to how Microsoft launched the Xbox One, and followed it up with Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and a disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, but they all come under the Xbox One family. The key intention behind the move might have been to revamp the names to reduce confusion for users as well as devs.

As for speculations about multiple consoles, Microsoft reportedly had planned to launch two consoles in 2020 with codenames ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Lockhart’ under Project Scarlett. It was recently reported that Microsoft has cancelled the lower-end ‘Lockhart’ console to make it easier for game developers. But as per a new report, ‘Lockhart’ might be alive and is set to launch in 2020 as a less powerful and cheaper alternative to the ‘Anaconda’ console. It is rumoured that ‘Lockhart’ will be the rumoured disc-less Xbox console that will debut as the second entry in the new ‘Series X’ gaming console lineup.

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