Oppo AR Glass Headset Unveiled, Said to Be Releasing Next Year


Oppo on Tuesday has announced its first augmented reality (AR) glasses at its ongoing Oppo Inno Day 2019 conference. These augmented reality glasses, called Oppo AR Glass, can be used to view AR content, play AR games, and access AR services. The company demoed the AR glass experience on the stage, and the headset incorporates multiple fisheye cameras, 3D reconstruction technology, and diffractive waveguide technology to create an immersive experience. The Oppo AR Glass will take on the likes of Magic Leap One, Microsoft Hololens 2 in the AR and MR (mixed reality) headset space.

Oppo AR Glass has a unique screen with multiple cameras in the front to create and superimpose images in the real world. There’s a thick round band for support at the back, and it has more of a headset look and feel, than of a traditional sunglasses. As mentioned, the Oppo AR glass incorporates 3D reconstruction technology to create life-like images inside real world surroundings. The headset also supports 3D surround sound to bring an even more immersive experience for the users.

Oppo has taken to Twitter to announce the Oppo AR Glass. All specifications and technical details haven’t been revealed, but the company says it should be detailed soon.

According to a report in PCMag, the Oppo headset, as mentioned, uses waveguide diffractive technology to recognise and measure surrounding space and create AR content accordingly. According to Android Authority, the Oppo AR Glass will be released in 2020, however the specifics on exact availability or pricing are yet to be revealed.

The Oppo AR Glass design looks somewhat inspired by the Microsoft Hololens 2, with its black band on top of the glasses, and its motor placed at the back of the head. In its live demo, the user is able to interact with AR content just by using hand gestures. The Oppo AR Glass could prove to be very useful in industries like construction, architecture, gaming, and more.

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