PUBG Mobile Gets Ranked Team Deathmatch; Wasteland Survivor Set Available With Premium Crates


PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game with a massive player base. Because of this, the developers release regular updates and keep adding new features to the game. The latest addition to PUBG Mobile is a ranked Team Deathmatch mode and a Wasteland Survivor set. The announcements for both new additions were made by PUBG Mobile’s Twitter account and players can find the ranked Team Deathmatch mode in-game while the Wasteland Survivor set comes as part of Premium Crates.

PUBG Mobile on Twitter announced that the ranked Team Deathmatch mode is now live. It can be found in the Ranked Arena section of EvoGround along with Assault and Domination. Ranked Team Deathmatch allows players to choose between Warehouse, Ruins, and Town maps. Being a part of the Ranked Arena, players cannot choose to play just ranked Team Deathmatch as only random maps and modes can be played while in ranked mode.

Another addition to PUBG Mobile is the Wasteland Survivor set. The announcement for the new outfit set was also made on Twitter and the post mentions that this set will come via Premium Crates. This means players will have to use vouchers or purchase Premium Crates using the in-game currency – UC – and hope to get the Wasteland Survivor set. One Premium Crate costs 120 UC that translates to Rs. 148.

PUBG Mobile shared an image of the Wasteland Survivor set as well, showing the character wearing a green suit and an astronaut-like helmet.

A recent report suggested that PUBG Mobile will be getting an update on April 24 that will bring two new modes called Safety Scramble Mode and Jungle Adventure Guide Mode, as well as a new version of Miramar called Miramar 2.0. This new version of Miramar is expected to come with a new vehicle, a ramp, and a new area called Water City.

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