The 18 Best Happy Birthday Memes to Brighten Someone’s Day



Birthdays come and go, but do you know what doesn’t? Happy Birthday memes! These hilarious images with funny phrases are everywhere and are shared again and again.

So, if you have a friend or family member with an upcoming birthday that appreciates, humor have a look at this list. We’ve collected dozens of the best birthday memes that joke about age, cake, gifts, and more.

Tease Them Over the Hill

It seems like when we’re younger we want to be older and when we’re older we want to be younger. But one thing is for certain, our age will never go down in years.

So, if you have a friend or family member who doesn’t mind jokes about their age, then this set of memes is for you. Better to laugh than cry about our age, right?

1. Hey Macarena!

Birthday Macarena Meme
Image: Happy Birthday Messages

Even though this funny birthday meme plays on someone’s age, who could actually forget how to do that awesome 1990’s dance? Hey Macarena! (You’re doing it right now, aren’t you?)

2. She’s 29?

29 Birthday Meme
Image: Birthday Wishes Expert

If the birthday candles shaped like a 2 and a 9 are burned so far down from relighting each year for your favorite lady, then this is the meme you want to send on her next birthday.

3. I Know Your Real Age

I know your real age Happy Birthday meme
Image: Birthday Wishes Expert

For your bestie or sibling, someone who you’ve known all of your life, give them a giggle like the one on this toddler’s face. Yes, it’s time to remind them that you will always know their real age.

4. Movie Popcorn

Movie Theater Birthday Meme
Image: My Happy Birthday Wishes

Do you know a movie-goer with an upcoming birthday? If so, then here’s your meme. Adorned with popcorn, movie tickets, and a reminder that the senior citizen discount at the theater isn’t that far off, share this with the movie buff in your life.

5. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Birthday Meme
Image: Yellow Octopus

Who better to put on your grumpy pal’s message than Grumpy Cat himself? This feline gives you the perfect way to say Happy Birthday to someone who may not be thrilled to be celebrating another birthday.

6. Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady Birthday Meme
Image: Yellow Octopus

If a cranky kitty isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but a cat meme for your girl is ideal, here you go. Let her know how close she is to becoming that crazy cat lady.

7. Ugly Monkey

Ugly Monkey Birthday Meme
Image: Birthday Wishes With Images

Your friend may be okay with a little innocent joking when another birthday comes, but deep down inside it might still irk them to be another year older. This funny monkey face can’t help but make them laugh, even though, it might be the face they actually make when you all sing “Happy Birthday” to them.

Let Them Eat Cake

A birthday tradition that no one can deny is the birthday cake. That sweet treat decorated with candles and sometimes written birthday wishes is a delicious way to celebrate.

If you know someone who looks forward to that special, yearly, candle-holding delectable a little more than most people do, send them one of these funny birthday memes.

8. Kooky Cake Shape

Cake Part Eaten Birthday Meme
Image: My Happy Birthday Wishes

If you like cake just as much as your birthday friend, send this amusing meme. Cakes definitely come in all shapes and sizes. But this drawing that shows a partially eaten cake being given the birthday boy, well, it takes the cake.

9. Captain Jack and Cake

Capt Jack Birthday Meme
Image: Yellow Octopus

If your cake-loving friend also enjoys the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, then send a bit of Captain Jack for their birthday. As the meme implies, that silly pirate had hopes for a smashing good cake but ended up smashed himself.

10. Cake Assembly Required

Cake Assembly Birthday Meme
Image: Yellow Octopus

This meme is hilarious for those you know who always bake the birthday cakes for others. A birthday candle taped to a box of cake mix, and the message “I got you a cake” is simply funny. At least the baking pan is included, right?

Modern Day Birthday Wishes

Some birthday traditions carry across the generations. A delicious cake, exciting gifts, and a song to celebrate it all have been around for many years.

But bringing a bit of modern-day fun into that birthday celebration can be enjoyable too. Here are a few birthday memes that are geared towards current day jokes and social media.

11. Tide Pods

Tide Pod Birthday Meme
Image: LiveAbout

2018 was the year of the Tide Pods and this meme fits right into the craziness. Check out the little Tide Pods with a lit candle in each one. Just keep in mind that if your friend was one who actually ate the Tide Pods and became quite ill, you may want to keep looking on this list for a different meme.

12. Bruce Lee’s iPhone

Bruce Lee iPhone Birthday Meme
Image: Birthday Wishes Expert

It feels like Apple has introduced more new iPhones than the number of takedowns Bruce Lee performed in his movies. If your pal appreciates getting that fancy new phone every year, then this is the perfect birthday meme for the Bruce Lee fan in your life.

13. Too Old for FaceTime

No More Facetime Birthday Meme
Image: Birthday Wishes Expert

It’s all fun and games until your friends rib you about your age on your birthday. So take your turn and let them know that FaceTime is officially out of the question moving forward due to their ripe old age.

Don’t Forget the Gift

For this birthday, did buying a gift for your friend

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slip your mind? Or did you happen to buy one at the very last possible minute? Either way, each of these memes jokes about it, so hopefully your pal will too.

14. Birthday Tips

Birthday Tips Birthday Meme
Image: My Happy Birthday Wishes

Give your friend two tips on their birthday. One is nice and serious, a simple reminder that the past is the past. The other is also simple; you didn’t buy them a present. If they cry like the baby on this photo because they didn’t get a gift from you, run out and buy them a box of tissues as their present.

15. Last-Minute Present

Last Minute Gift Birthday Meme
Image: Funny Birthday Wishes

We’ve all done it at least once in our lives; bought a gift for someone at the last possible second. This cute and funny meme jokes about those last-minute gifts and how you hope with everything inside of you that the recipient doesn’t know it.

Just Simple Fun

If none of the above memes are quite what you’re looking for, for your friend’s or family member’s birthday, then take a look at this last set. They are each funny in their own way.

16. Captain Jack’s Guurl

Capt Jack Birthday Meme
Image: Birthday Wishes With Images

Women just love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack. As he leans back and eyes up what’s in front of him, your friend might just feel that much more special this birthday.

17. Soup Nazi

Soup Nazi Birthday Meme
Image: Yellow Octopus

Hey Seinfeld fans, we’ve got a meme for you but no soup! You guessed it, it’s none other than the Soup Nazi. As he politely will tell your friend, “No happy birthday for you! Come back one year!!” your friend will definitely laugh if they love that character.

18. Dos Equis Man

Dos Equis Man Birthday Meme
Image: Yellow Octopus

What would a list of funny birthday memes be without the Dos Equis guy? Send this one to the man in your life letting him know that he is certainly a legend. He’s sure to believe it because, after all, the message is from The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Wrap Up a Happy Birthday Meme to Send

Hopefully one of these happy birthday memes is exactly the ticket to making your friend or family member smile this year.

If you want to try your hand at making your own meme, check out these great meme generators and follow our tips on making a meme for the best results.

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