What Are Popsockets? 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying One


Have you seen one of those weird circular discs slapped on the back of someone’s phone? Chances are, that’s a PopSocket. They’re hugely popular right now, especially with the younger crowd.

But what is a PopSocket? And more importantly, are PopSockets removable? We’re going to dive right in and answer all of your burning questions.

What Is a PopSocket?

What is a PopSocket?
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A PopSocket is a plastic circle that you attach to a flat phone (or case) with a sticky adhesive. Once you pull or “pop” it out twice, the PopSocket extends like a small accordion. That way, you can slip your fingers in between your phone and the end of the PopSocket, allowing for a more comfortable and tighter grip.

Are PopSockets Reusable?

If the idea of having a slight bulge on the back of your phone all the time bothers you, don’t worry. PopSockets are easy to remove, install, or reposition at any time.

You’ll notice that PopSockets come in two parts: the base (the adhesive disc), and the PopTop (the design portion). While the PopTop portion easily comes off when you get bored of its look, removing the base is a little trickier.

To completely remove the base, make sure your PopSocket is flattened, then peel it up slowly from the case. If you have any issues removing the PopSocket, slide dental floss or a credit card underneath the platform to lift and separate the adhesive.

Keep in mind that the adhesive gel might dry out over time. If it feels dry, simply rinse it with warm water and let it air dry. Make sure it doesn’t dry for any longer than ten minutes.

How to Use a PopSocket

Although you might think that PopSockets only have a single purpose, they actually have many uses. So, what are PopSockets used for? Overall, they make it much easier to do simple things with your smartphone. The following tips and tricks will help you get the hang of using a PopSocket.

1. Get a Better Grip

A PopSocket mainly functions as an additional grip, which is especially useful for larger smartphones. If you frequently drop your phone, or find it hard to hold a large phone comfortably, a PopSocket fixes that.

As an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I sometimes struggle to get a good grip on my phone with only one hand. With a PopSocket, I can hold my device one-handed

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and browse without issue. Plus, it’s much more comfortable.

I also tend to drop my phone quite a bit. Since using a PopSocket, I’ve dropped it much less. The PopSocket allows me to wrap two fingers around it, making my phone appear like it’s floating in my hand. I get quicker access to my phone this way, and I’m always camera-ready.

2. Take Picture-Perfect Selfies

In addition to providing a much better grip on your device, the PopSocket is great for taking selfies

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Why is this? The PopSocket makes it easier to hold your phone with one hand, letting you reach the shutter button effortlessly. It also provides more freedom with the angle, and the sturdy grip means you no longer need to fumble around to find the most flattering shot.

3. Use It as a Stand to Prop Up Your Phone

If you need to prop your smartphone or tablet while watching videos or playing games, the PopSocket has you covered. Using a PopSocket as a stand works better when there are two of them attached to your phone or tablet (especially the latter), but a single one works too.

With one PopSocket, just pop it out twice and lean your device in landscape orientation. This works best when the PopSocket is centered on your phone—otherwise, it just falls over.

For larger devices, such as your tablet, it’s best to use two PopSockets, placed slightly off-center at the top and bottom. This way, you can easily prop your tablet up on a table.

You can also use the PopSockets Multi-Purpose Mount to hang your PopSocket on any vertical surface. The PopSockets Car Mouns for your vent, dashboard, or windshield is also a great option if you’re looking for a car phone holder

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4. Manage Your Wired Earbuds

Not everyone wants to use Bluetooth headphones—you still might want to take advantage of your phone’s existing headphone jack. But with wired earbuds, come tangled messes. Fortunately, PopSockets, solve this annoying issue.

To do this, attach one PopSocket towards the top of your phone, and one towards the bottom. You can use this setup to wrap your wired earbuds around the PopSockets for tangle-free cord storage when they’re not in use. It may look a bit silly, but it’s easier than having to untangle those earbuds each time you dig them out of your pocket.

5. Customize Your PopSocket

Customize Popsocket Page

The only way to create a custom PopSocket is through the PopSocket website. From here, you can upload images from your device, or import something from your Instagram. You can then pick the colors of the base, as well as the accordion portion of the grip.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “How much are PopSockets when customized?” The price for custom PopSockets starts at $15. It’s reasonably priced and adds a splash of character to your device that’s hard to replicate.

6. Finding Cheap PopSockets

If you don’t care to spend the extra money to customize your PopSocket, you can always find them on Amazon or eBay for a cheaper price. One quick search for PopSockets on eBay yields tons of results, like this awesome Jawbreaker Gloss PopSocket. The regular PopSockets are only about $10, while the metallic or textured versions are about $15.

Picking the Perfect PopSocket For Your Phone

While PopSockets may look silly at first, there are many great ways to use them. It takes time to get used to your phone’s PopSocket, but after a while, it becomes an essential accessory. You’ll find it hard to go back to a phone or tablet without one.

Better yet, you can easily mount your phone to your car once you get a PopSocket and its accompanying car mount. Don’t forget to look into these must-have smartphone accessories for your car

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as well.

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