You Can Now Broadcast on Instagram Live Without Video or Sound


Instagram owner Facebook is clearly feeling threatened by Clubhouse, because you can now disable both your video and audio feeds when you broadcast an Instagram Live stream.

Instagram Introduces Camera and Mic Disabling Option

For those of you who use Instagram Live, it may please you to know that you no longer have to run video or audio feeds in order to broadcast. So, if you want, you’re able to broadcast a blank screen now, or just show your video feed if you don’t want environmental sounds bleeding into your stream.

Instagram has yet to announce the extra features officially via its blog, but a TechCrunch article broke the news, confirming Instagram’s tweet and explaining the features in more detail.

Why Would You Disable Your Camera and Mic on Instagram Live?

There are countless reasons you might need to disable video and/or audio feeds in Instagram Live.

Perhaps the location you are broadcasting from has suddenly become noisy thanks to an influx of people. Here, disabling audio would be a sensible option, as you don’t want your live feed to be disrupted by external, uncontrollable sound sources.

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Likewise, if you suddenly don’t want your video feed to be available, like if you accidentally spill your coffee all over yourself, a quick flick of the finger will disable video, allowing you to go and get cleaned up (but you can leave audio on so you can tell your audience what has happened).

Not only that, but this has implications for people who might be a bit shy about going on camera. If you can disable your video feed and it is just your voice, then perhaps this might encourage you to join an Instagram Live chat or broadcast something yourself.

Same goes if you hate your voice but think you look a million dollars. Just switch audio off and let everyone look at your amazing face instead. Bingo, Instagram Live done.

Why Has Instagram Got These New Features?

Instagram has got these additional features because owner Facebook fears big bad Clubhouse stealing all of its accumulated ice cream. This is a feature Clubhouse rolled out ages ago, and it has been popular with the Clubhouse community. Instagram doesn’t want to lose subscribers because it lacks features.

So, really, it is just Facebook/Instagram jumping on the bandwagon. Yes, these features are probably a good thing. However, it would seem (looking at the comments on Twitter) that Instagram users want a lot more from Insta than video and audio options… like a platform that works, for example.

People seem to have a lot to complain about regarding Insta, so adding Clubhouse style features should be lower down the priority list, or Insta could start losing out to Clubhouse, anyway.

Do You Live Broadcast on Instagram?

If so, what do you make of these extra features? Too little, too late? Is Facebook focusing on the wrong things with Instagram? It may be a powerful and popular social media tool, but if it doesn’t work properly, it will struggle to retain a user base.

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