You Can Now Pin Instagram Comments to Your Posts


Instagram now lets you pin comments to the top of posts. You can pin up to three comments on an individual post, helping you set the tone for the conversation. This is another way in which Instagram is helping to combat online bullying on its platform.

Instagram started testing this feature in May 2020, at the same time it let you delete Instagram comments in bulk

You Can Now Delete Instagram Comments in Bulk

Instagram has introduced new ways to fight back against bullies. The headline feature lets you delete Instagram comments in bulk.
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. Now, Instagram has decided pinned comments are a useful tool in the fight against bullies, and is rolling it out to all users.

How to Pin Instagram Comments to the Top of a Post

To pin a comment to the top of an Instagram post, swipe left on the comment in question and tap the new Pin icon. This will move the comment to the top of the thread, and you can do this for up to three comments on each post.

The other options available to you when you swipe left are Reply, Report, and Delete. So you now have a solid range of options to moderate comment threads. You can both pin and reply to your favorite comments, and either delete or report nasty comments.

Pinning comments to the top of a thread puts you in control of the conversation. You’re telling other people viewing that post that these are the types of comment you appreciate. And while some people will ignore the nudge to be nice, most people will not.

Instagram Alternatives for Photographers

The ability to pin comments to the top of posts is a simple and (hopefully) effective way for users to moderate threads on their posts. Because there’s nothing worse than one negative comment inspiring others to reply with even more negativity.

And remember, as good as Instagram is, it’s far from the only photo-sharing app available. So, if you’ve grown tired of the Facebook-owned Instagram, why not check out these Instagram alternatives for photographers

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. We rate them all highly.

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